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Crown technology has never been so good

When it comes to restoring a damaged tooth, fillings are often the first line of defense. However, in some cases, a filling is not enough to restore the structure and function of the tooth. That is where crowns come in. Crowns are used to help recover total or partial tooth structure loss, and they can also be used to replace large fillings, protect a tooth from cracks, or be used for cosmetic purposes.


In recent years, there have been advances in crown materials, such as E-max and Zirconia. These new materials offer an improved balance between aesthetics and strength, making them a great choice for crowns that need to undergo a lot of pressure or wear and tear. Furthermore, when a root canal procedure has been done, using crowns can help to protect the tooth from further damage by supporting the remaining structure. Simply put, crowns are an essential tool for preserving and restoring healthy teeth, making them one of the best investments in your overall dental health.

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