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Root Canals... Everybody's favourite...

Root canal treatment is an important procedure that is often necessary in order to save damaged or infected teeth. Root canal treatment works by removing the infected tissue from inside the tooth and then clearing out any bacteria or other impurities. Once the root canal has been cleaned, the tooth is typically filled with a special dental material in order to prevent reinfection. Root canal treatment is usually painless, though it may be uncomfortable at times, and is generally completed in 1-2 appointments.

Another key benefit of modern root canal treatment is that it can preserve the natural integrity of your tooth, helping to keep your smile looking as healthy and vibrant as possible. Additionally, root canal therapy has been shown to be extremely effective at treating various types of infections and other dental problems, making it a highly beneficial procedure overall. Whether you are dealing with a painful abscessed tooth or simply need to clean out debris from within your tooth, root canal treatment can help you restore your oral health and peace of mind. So if you need root canal treatment, look no further than the skilled professionals here at Riverjoy Dental!

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